Conquering Craps with Tips and Reminders


Whether you're in brick-and-mortar casinos or in online ones, you'll surely be astounded at the hype and activity going on in every craps table. This fast-paced, exciting game may definitely seem complex at first, but by sticking with some rules, strategies and more, you'll be able to win back lots of money in just a short amount of time. This is because unlike slot machines and even roulette where the house edge is high, the house edge on this game only ticks at about 1.41%. This gives the players over 98.59% chance of winning which is more than enough for players to be convinced at giving it a try. However, though the winning chances may be a high, unskilled players in the game may just be in for some serious disappointments if you jump right in without proper preparation.

What makes the craps table extremely complex-looking is the fact that there are many bets existing on it. Accumulating those bets may even allow you to create a thin book and in waging, that thin book is definitely a long one. However, you don't need to worry about anything as not every bet is needed for the game. Only a handful of bets have a high chance of winning in this game and knowing them is all you need if you want to win.

You need to know that craps are played in rounds and all players involve on the game will have their turn in rolling the dice and they are called shooters. The shooter will remain a shooter for the round as long as he doesn't 'seven-out'. Some of the popular bets that you need to search and embed on your mind are the Pass lIne bets which is estimated to payout an even amount to your bet. You can also further decrease the edge of the house to increase your chances of winning by using the Odds Bet. There are also other bets out there for you to remember - just remain disciplined, stick to them, and you'll surely win.