What to Expect from the Roulette Royale Online Game at Diamond VIP Casino

A lot of the most popular casino games have resulted in various offshoots that throw in a different twist to the rules. Roulette Royale is one of the best - it's an online spinoff of the standard European version. With better odds and the ability to make all the traditional wagers you're used to plus a special side jackpot, it's a real stand-out performer. Here is a little more information about our Roulette Royale online game at Diamond VIP Casino, your home for the best gambling on the web.

The jackpot side bet, one of the most notable features, is a mandatory 1-credit wager that you must make in addition to regular stakes. It pays out whenever a number comes up multiple times on consecutive wheel spins. The payouts are as follows: 2 consecutive spins win 15 credits, 3 consecutive spins wins 200 credits, 4 consecutive spins wins 3,000 credits, and 5 consecutive spins wins you the progressive jackpot, a huge prize that accumulates with each play until one lucky player takes it all home. It has no fixed limit, meaning it can potentially be worth hundreds, thousands or even millions of dollars. There's nothing like the thrill of watching the numbers line up for a big payout - if you win, you will remember this day for the rest of your life!

One special rule to always keep in mind is that the jackpot side bet is made independently of any other regular bets you place prior to the wheel spin. What this means is that if any of the consecutive spin prizes come up, you will win the corresponding payout regardless of which number it is and which other numbers you may have bet on. For example, if your inside bet is for a 7 and you get 5 consecutive hits on a 26, you will win the progressive jackpot. The Roulette Royale online game at Diamond VIP Casino is the only place where you will find this amazing chance to win big, and we can't wait to show you to your table! Try our selection today for this and many more exciting casino, arcade and lottery titles to meet all of your gambling needs.