Mini Baccarat How to Play Guide for Beginners

If you've ever spent any time in a casino, you're probably at least somewhat familiar with the classic American baccarat and how it is played. But have you ever had the chance to play Mini Baccarat? You'll be able to play a much more relaxed version of the game with casual dress and lower betting limits. This Mini Baccarat how to play guide will help you get acquainted with some of the basics as well as distinguish a few of the differences between playing online or in a traditional casino.

The first difference from the original version is the table. It's smaller than the classic - about the size of a blackjack table, with room for 7 players. There are sections for chip stacks, commission boxes, tie bet, dealer bet, player bet, and the shoe. Players each have a red circle for player bet, a yellow circle for dealer bet, and a white number above the circle for a tie bet. The croupier sits opposite the participants, with a chip rack and numbered sections to track commissions owed. These sections are numbered according to the amount of player sections. The croupier's central position allows good reach to the whole table. Unlike the classic game, in this Mini version the dealer is the banker and players do not handle the cards.

The rules are simple and much the same as in the traditional version. After placing bets, the croupier deals out 4 face-up cards. 2 are the player's hand and 2 are the banker's hand. A third card may be dealt to one or both hands depending on the circumstances. To determine a winner, the player and banker hand values are compared by the croupier, who then collects any lost bets and pays out any winnings. When the banker hand wins, the croupier pays out 1-1. He or she also makes notes of any commissions owed by the players, and collects them at the time the player chooses to leave the table. When playing online, these actions are automated by the computer software. At Diamond VIP Casino, your premiere home on the web for online gambling, we offer Mini Baccarat tables and many other exciting attractions.