The Advantages of an Instant Casino

Many avid online gamblers prefer to download games and software from a casino site, saving them to their personal computer for extended play. However, a recent development in the industry--the no download casino--is becoming increasingly popular as well, thanks to its easy accessibility. Diamond VIP Casino currently offers such a no download casino, which is fairly self-explanatory: individuals can play online without taking the time to download any software to their computers. While the Diamond instant casino offers a more limited range of games than the standard online casino, there are a number of advantages to choosing this no download option.

The Diamond instant casino can be a great option for those who just want to play a quick game on the site, but who do not have the time to download software. A player can simply select the game of their choice and start playing the game online, with no wait time. The instant casino can also work well for those whose home computers have limited space or little available memory, since game downloads can take up a significant portion of a computer's hard drive. Because these online games do not require any hard drive space, they can also easily be played on mobile devices, such as iPads and tablets. It's also possible to play on a friend's computer, or even a public computer if necessary.

Of course, there are a few drawbacks to using the instant casino option at Diamond VIP. For one, not all of the casino's games are yet available in this mode, so players will have a more limited selection. Additionally, playing games without downloading them requires Java flash technology (which is why casinos with a no download option are sometimes called "flash casinos"). If your home computer or tablet lacks this program, you may not be able to stream the games live. Still, for many, the benefits--simplicity, speed, and the freedom to play at any computer--will outweigh such drawbacks. Moreover, all promotions and payment options available on the main site, from welcome bonuses to free play options, are still available in the instant version as well.