Go for the Gold in Dwarven Gold Slot

The Dwarven Gold slot is a new, fun video machine available from Top Game software. The game includes a number of interesting bonuses, including wilds and scatter symbols that serve to make the experience more exciting and unpredictable, as well as a little more profitable for anyone who encounters them.

The basics of the Dwarven Gold slot machine are simple: there are 5 reels, and 25 pay lines. Using the thematic four leaf clover button, the player spins the reels, and are able to attempt to match up dwarves, treasure chests, cats, and butterflies to win up to 500x their line bets, which can be as low as $0.01, to be suitable for even the most casual of gamblers.

The black cat sign will appear as the wild symbol, making big winnings just a little bit easier by acting as a substitute for anything that might result in some extra cash for the player who spun it. More interesting is the butterfly scatter symbol, which unlocks a very special, very lucrative feature when 3 or more of them appear. The feature works as follows: the player is immediately awarded 33 free spins, all of which include a winnings multiplier of 6x. They will then be given the opportunity to guess a hidden color - which will always be either red or black - which, when correctly guessed, doubles winnings up to 5 times.

The game theme is a fairly unique one: 4 dwarves searching for treasure. Although it's not quite as prevalent a theme as other slots machines have come to have, it still makes for a neat little add on to enhance the experience, and maybe earn an amused smile here and there.

In summary, the Dwarven Gold slot machine is a fun online experienced geared towards both casual and more hardcore players. The scatters lead to some very nice, lucrative opportunities, and the game itself is simple, straightforward, and neat. There's plenty of opportunity to win big because of the wilds as well, and so in conclusion, this would make a great pastime for anyone who enjoys slots, no matter how much.