The Online Bingo Varieties At Diamond VIP Casino

Bingo is one of the most popular real money games in the United States and that is precisely why we here at Diamond VIP Casino want to make sure that we offer up all of the best online bingo varieties to our patrons. In its traditional form, the idea is to create a straight line five numbers across either horizontally, vertically or diagonally. However, with our software, there are other options designed to keep things interesting. You can choose the ones you like best.

Two of the most common online bingo varieties outside of the traditional are cover all and four corners, which are exactly what their names suggest. In cover all, you will have to mark every single square on your ticket to win and this can take some time. In four corners, you must daub the upper left and right as well as the lower left and right corners to receive a payout. These are often won quite quickly.

Diamond and cross are also exactly what their names suggest. In each of them, you have to create a pattern before you win - and that pattern matches the name. For instance, in diamond, you'll need to create a diamond. In cross, you need to make an X or a + depending on the rules. In some instances, you can create these sideways and still have them count, but it is more likely that they will need to appear in the exact same way they appear on your screen.

Special circumstances such as holidays may present new opportunities. For example, you may be asked to create something like a clover on St. Patrick's Day or even a heart on Valentine's Day. Candy canes are popular patterns during the Christmas season. As you can see, there are all kinds of great things going on here at Diamond VIP and you will never grow bored.

Each of your online bingo varieties is complete with its own chat room so you will be able to socialize with others as you go. Be sure to wish everyone good luck and congratulate the winners; you could make lifelong friends in the process.