Which is the Best American Player Casino?

Diamond VIP is an American player casino that is dedicated to providing an excellent gambling experience. Because studies have shown that some 80% of US residents who are of age gamble from time to time, we understand that these individuals need an outlet - particularly, online - that allows them to enjoy all of their favorite titles without having to travel across the country.

There are not many legal online gambling sites for USA players that have a good selection of games and bonuses. You are probably surprised by that, so let's go over the reasons. Those who have trouble finding an online casino for US players often believe that the UIGEA is to blame. This is an Act that was passed back in 2006 in an attempt to regulate the industry, but it didn't necessarily make gambling illegal. Rather, the purpose of the Act was to make it difficult for financial institutions to do business with entities like Diamond VIP. Since the Act was passed, there has never been an instance of someone being prosecuted for participating in this activity. As such, we've worked hard to provide plenty of games and payment options in our American player casino. If you are curious about what are the BiggestUSACasinos, this can be the perfect guide to find the place that suits you best, to play your favorite casino games.

The reasons for the UIGEA in the first place are a completely different manner. For more than a decade, American player casino outlets were able to process thousands of transactions per day without having to worry about being prosecuted or shut down under the law. However, the government felt that with so many venues opening each and every year, money that could have been spent in other places in an effort to boost the economy was being lost. Since there was no immediate plan to regulate these venues and create proper tax laws, the next best idea was to pass the Act in an attempt to thwart spending and redirect those funds to other places.

Another concern among the populace is that they will be unable to make deposits - or worse, that they'll be unable to withdraw their winnings when the time comes. We know that this can be a frustrating and sometimes scary prospect, especially for those who want to make sizeable deposits in order to take advantage of our bonus offers. It is true that there aren't as many banking options available in this country, but that doesn't mean they don't exist. We've worked hard to develop relationships with different financiers and e-wallet service providers so that our customers have plenty of options from which to choose. Whether they want to use credit cards, bank wires or e-wallet services, they can all be found here.

The good news is that Diamond VIP is open to people from the US and we will continue to strive to provide one of the absolute best experiences out there. Our bonuses are fantastic, and there are plenty of different ways to take advantage of them. We've hired some of the best customer service agents in the entire industry, and we've gone above and beyond to secure software from one of the world's leading providers so that all of our visitors can enjoy seamless, bug-free gameplay in an environment that is aesthetically pleasing, safe and completely fair. The proof for our quality and effort to give our players the best online experience they can get is that we got many rewards from the gambling industry, and we were picked as one of the best online casinos for USA players from Usacasinosrated.com. With us, you can enjoy your favorite games, knowing your money is in safe hands, the games are 100% fair, and you will have 24/7 open customer support.